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Possible explosion reported during Nicolas Maduro's speech in Caracas, Venezuela

Possible explosion reported during Nicolas Maduro's speech in Caracas, Venezuela
A live broadcast of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro’s speech at an army commemoration event was cut off abruptly due to a reported explosion. Servicemen lined up on the square could be seen fleeing in disarray.
Seconds before the address was cut off, Maduro and the officials standing beside him can be seen looking up in the air. There have been unconfirmed reports on social media that a drone was spotted in the skies and at least two blasts were heard by the witnesses. Maduro has reportedly been evacuated from the scene.


ÚLTIMA HORA | VIDEO - Situación irregular en la avenida Bolívar de Caracas durante Cadena Nacional de Maduro en acto con la GNB.
VTV cortó de emergencia la transmisión oficial.
Freelance Venezuelan journalist Roman Camacho reported on Twitter, citing “unofficial sources,” that a drone loaded with C4 (a type of plastic explosive) was detonated near the presidential box. Several army cadets were injured, but neither Maduro, nor any of his cabinet members have been hurt in the resulting explosion, he wrote.

Sobre hecho en la Av Bolívar, informan fuentes extraoficiales que “un dron cargado con C4 habría detonado cerca del palco presidencial”. Varios cadetes de la GNB resultaron heridos, pres Maduro fue retirado del lugar, salió ileso al igual que el gabinete
Maduro was speaking at the event marking the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), a branch of the country’s armed forces, when the incident took place.
The Venezuelan government is expected to release a statement shortly.
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